Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Beauty

"Beautiful" he said to his shy, young bride in the morning, when she was fresh out of the bath drying her wet, long, jet black hair with a towel.
"Yuck" he said in the evening, when he found a strand of the self-same hair in his dal.

"Hmmmm" he had replied, not taking his eyes off his laptop, ten years later, when she asked if she looked "OK" to attend the party.
"Beatiful" said their seven year old, emphatically. "Mama looks beautiful".

"Beautiful" she had said when the sun rose over the hills on their holiday in the mountains.
"Can't bear this sun" she said suffering the mid-morning heat on their trek, reapplying her sunscreen.

Beauty...depends so much on the right time, right context and right mind.


Vyankatesh said...

Great post, wonderful examples!!

manisha said...

thanks Vyankatesh for your kind comments.